Happy Saturday! Remember To Hit The Gym When You Take...

Happy Saturday!

Remember To Hit The Gym When You Take Apetamin So The Weight Goes On Your Butt And Not Your Stomach! Also, take it at night because it will get you sleepy.

Now that this is out the way, you can read my journey

Most people always rolled their eyes when I say I wanted to gain weight. The first question is why do you want to gain weight. Then they will go on and say just eat more and then then you can tell they are getting more judgmental; that you must be content and that you are ungrateful for not being happy to have a skinny problem. Little do they know that just as they suffer and find it hard to gain weight there are also people like us that suffer a great deal from trying to gain weight. For a long time I have taken everything and done everything from mixing GNC powders with eggs to drinking multiple cans of ensures to no avail.

A friend then told me about Apetamin weight gain syrup a few years ago. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try.

My progress came in rather quickly, it was faster than i though. I am truly thankful that i came across this product, apetamin. I have looked better than ever and more confident and also feel better with the proper weight. Some people want to gain a lit more, but i feel good with this size. To order visit us at WeightAp.com or click on the bio above.