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Want to know who we are, why we sell Apetamin Syrup and why you should buy your apetamin from us at Weight-Ap? It all started when our boss, sister and friend Lisa was always considered the skinny one in our family gatherings. This is her story and we are quite sure it is very similar to yours, hence you are here in seek help.  

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Most people always rolled their eyes when I say I wanted to gain weight. The first question is why do you want to gain weight. Then they will go on and say just eat more and then then you can tell they are getting more judgmental; that you must be content and that you are ungrateful for not being happy to have a skinny problem. Little do they know that just as they suffer and find it hard to gain weight there are also people like us that suffer a great deal from trying to gain weight. For a long time I have taken everything and done everything from mixing GNC powders with eggs to drinking multiple cans of ensures to no avail.

A friend then told me about Apetamin weight gain syrup a few years ago. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try.

First day

I took 5 ml and I was very drowsy. I probably slept within a few minutes and slept for almost more than 10 hrs. When I woke up I was extremely hungry. I kept eating and eating and then went back to sleep

Second day

I was still drowsy but a little bit less than the first day but I was even more hungry than the first day. I felt like my stomach had a hole and everything I put in just dropped off; I kept eating the entire day

Third - Fourth day

I felt less drowsy but I was getting used to eating like three times more than I used to. I weigh myself and to my shock I already gained about 2-3 pounds. Which to me was huge because it usually take me doing a lot of things just to gain one pound.

Fifth - Seventh day

I weighed myself again and gained about 5 pounds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. By the second week my family and friends have started commenting on my weight and how it suited me. At that point I knew this was the real deal and I have finally found the weight gain solution in Apetamin that I have been looking for my entire life.

Please note; this is just from my personal experience of Apetamin and is in no way a prescriptive way how it will work for every one. This is also in no way 

gain weight with apetamin after 8 weeks

Apetamin is an ideal way to gain weight fast. Apetamin works as an appetite stimulant with the purpose designed to treat underweight people or those suffering from eating disorders. The best way for you to gain weight fast is to take an appetite stimulant. Although apetamin works, it was always hard for me to find it. Now i know what i always had to go through to order my apetamin syrup, we have created this platform to make it easier for you. 

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