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Apetamin Syrup and our store services. Do's and Don'ts about apetamin and what to expect when using it base on customer reviews and our own person experience with the syrup. 


How many times do I need to take Apetamin?

Most people take it twice a day, but we think that is too much. We suggest taking it once a day right before bed time. You will sleep a lot so DO NOT take this in the day time especially if you have to drive or go places. 


Will i gain wait in my stomach area if I take apetamin? 

Yes if you do not work out or do your sit ups, you will gain weight in your  stomach area as well as hips and buttocks area. We recommend hitting the gym right when you start taking it or do your sit ups. Some people might not mind the little belly, but if we are keeping honest, it's not a good look. Stay active and go to the gym for the perfect body you deserve. When you do this, all the weight will go to your buttocks and hips and not your stomach. 


How many spoons of apetamin do I need to take? 

You can use the little cup it comes with, fill it up the first night and see how you feel. You can reduce the size as you get to the weight you want. It is just to boost your eating habits. 

Please read our disclaimer on our store policy page before you do any of the above. Thank you.